PolScreen PRO series

The PRO series – screens for professional film screenings in any, even the harshest, conditions and for the most demanding of viewers. A guarantee of the highest image quality, just like the one you know from the best cinema halls. Screens from 5 to 12 metres wide. On individual order, we can manufacture screens as wide as 30 metres.
PolScreen PRO


The innovative "flex ties" system allows for mounting the projection surface to the frame using flexible, perfectly fitted expanders. The surface is perfectly stretched out with no corrugations.

PolScreen PRO


No light coming through the back and a high contrast of the projected image for maximum use of the projector's capabilities

PolScreen PRO


A pneumatic PVC structure weighing 680 g/m2 guarantees long-lasting and safe screen operation. The structure is exceptionally resilient to abrasions and damage. Optimal selection of the structure's diameter and PVC thickness ensure stable screen operation in windy conditions.

PolScreen PRO


Appropriately placed triple-reinforced anchor clamps allow for unassisted assembly of the screen without having to use force. With the use of dedicated stays, assembled according to the instructions, the screen will 'lift up' during pumping without having to use any human force.

PolScreen PRO


The 16:9 screen works perfectly with all projectors available on the market. Having the projection surface mounted 200cm from the base allows for using the screen in drive-in cinemas as well.

PolScreen PRO


Three independent air vents with double safeguards ensure instant dismantling of the screen in emergency situations (a storm, for example)

PolScreen PRO


A professional projection surface of the "Matt White" type. Exceptionally flexible and resistant to creasing, and easy to maintain

PolScreen PRO


An efficient 1.1kW air blower, along with a dedicated flight case (optional) which muffles the sound of the working blower. The following are included in a set along with the screen: a full set of stays, anchors, a case, a repair kit, an instructions manual, and basic training.


PolScreen PRO S+

frame size: 600x480 cm
screen surface size: 500x300 cm

PolScreen PRO M

frame size: 700x620 cm
screen surface size: 600x340 cm

PolScreen PRO M+

frame size: 820x660 cm
screen surface size: 700x400 cm

PolScreen PRO L

frame size: 930x715 cm
screen surface size: 800x450 cm

PolScreen PRO L+

frame size: 1040x770 cm
screen surface size: 900x510 cm

PolScreen PRO XL

frame size: 1170x850 cm
screen surface size: 1000x560 cm

PolScreen PRO XXL

frame size: 1360x950 cm
screen surface size: 1200x670 cm

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Accessories and equipment

Included accesories

Complete cinema sets

We also offer complete outdoor and drive-in cinema sets, ready for any conditions. We select the appropriate screens, projectors, sound system, and deck chairs, and most importantly, we train the client in offering the best cinema experience! By cooperating with us, you ensure success from the first screening!
Projektory instalacyjne do kina plenerowego i kina samochodowego


a choice of over 100 devices

szkolenie jak zorganizować kino plenerowe


We provide technical training on using the cinema equipment at our company's headquarters or at a place specified by the client.

Nagłośnienie do kina plenerowego i kina samochodowego

Sound systems

column speakers, audio mixers, cables, and various players

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