PolScreen - A producer of outdoor screens for professional use

The use of highest quality products guarantees the world-class movie projection for you and your clients

Outdoor cinema screens

PolScreen is a brand known to the most demanding organisers of outdoor cinema.
The history of our screens dates back to 2009, and the products we offer are of uncompromising quality, with the best technological solutions.

We have travelled a beautiful and difficult journey, making over 1500 outdoor film screenings happen!
Our screens are perfectly prepared to work in even the harshest conditions and in the most unusual places


PolScreen screens are manufactured using the best technological solutions. Over the course of many years worth of experience, our products have been tweaked to perfection.


We provide support and react immediately in extreme situations. Should our client find themselves in need, we are able to procure additional equipment, as well as take care of the logistics and provide technical support.


There is a five-year warranty on the construction elements of the PRO series screens! Our oldest prototypes are still in use and they have not needed to be serviced yet!

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Available PolScreen screen series

Many years of experience gained in various conditions have helped us in creating an optimally wide range of products suited to the needs of almost any viewer!

Whether it's a private screening in the house garden or the biggest film festival in Europe, PolScreen screens surprise with the quality of the display.

PolScreen PRO

The PRO series – screens for professional film screenings in any, even the harshest, conditions and for the most demanding of viewers. A guarantee of the highest image quality, just like the one you know from the best cinema halls. Screens from 5 to 12 metres wide. On individual order, we can manufacture screens as wide as 30 metres.

PolScreen HOME

The MINI series – for when the only things that count are entertainment and a time well spent in a small group. Screens from 3 to 8 metres wide.


We have tested dozens of projectors with our screens and we can help you to chose the right model.

Complete cinema sets

We also offer complete outdoor and drive-in cinema sets, ready for any conditions. We select the appropriate screens, projectors, sound system, and deck chairs, and most importantly, we train the client in offering the best cinema experience! By cooperating with us, you ensure success from the first screening!


We provide technical training on using the cinema equipment at our company's headquarters or at a place specified by the client.
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